Retire In Texas

Retire in Texas where there is affordable housing, no state income tax, and warm weather.

From coastal beaches, rolling hills, plains, prairies, forest, bayous, canyons and deserts, there is something for everyone in Texas.


The Trans-Pecos Region

The Trans-Pecos area symbolizes the wide-open, desert terrain that most people associate with Texas. For those who are tired of the urban rat race, this remote, less populated area may be one of the best places to retire to get away from it all.

Picture of goats grazing among cactus in Texas.

This region of Texas has often been used as the backdrop for many movies and is truly the Old West - even if the desert supports more sheep ranches than cattle ranches.

If you drive east of El Paso, you will see the gold and purple backdrop of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, home to Guadalupe Peak and El Capitan, the highest mountains in the state.

Picture of entrance sign into the Big Bend National Park in Texas.

South of El Paso, past the Sierra Blanco mountain range, is the city of Van Horn - the gateway to the Big Bend National Park.

West of Big Bend is the town of Alpine which is the home of cowboy poetry meets and rodeos.

The Permian Basin

If you enjoy the wide, open-spaces with plenty of sunshine, the Permain Basin might be the spot for you to retire in Texas to.

Picture of pump jack pumping oil near Odessa TX.

A flat, desolate area, the landscape of the Permian Basin is scattered with oil pumps and wind mills. The natural scenery consists of mesquite bushes and tumbleweeds.

The Permian Basin produces one fifth of the nation's total petroleum and natural gas.

The two largest towns in this region are Odessa and Midland.

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Three cities form a triangle in South Texas: San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Laredo.

San Antonio, which is the largest city in South Texas, has often been compared to New Orleans and San Francisco because of its history, architecture, and culture.

Picture of River Walk in San Antonio Texas.

The Valley

The Rio Grande Valley is included in the Southern region of the state. Here there is an abundance of sunshine the year round.

Irrigation from the Rio Grande has turned the semi-desert, arid area into a paradise. Citrus fruit abounds along with papayas, mangoes, bananas, and various vegetables.

Palm trees also dot the country side.

Picture of the Alamo in San Antonio Texas.


This is one of the most popular areas in Texas for retirees.

The Hill Country is known for its rolling hills, natural beauty, vineyards, and fields of bluebonnets in the spring.

Austin, the capital of Texas, is located on a bend in the Colorado River.

One of the more liberal cities of Texas, Austin is home of the University of Texas, many computer corporations, the heart of the Texas music scene, and the yearly music and film festival “South by Southwest”.

Picture of the state capital building in Austin Texas.

German immigrant roots are evident in the architecture and cuisine in such towns as Fredericksburg and New Braunfels. Both of these cities have become favorites for retirees.


The Panhandle of Texas borders parts of Oklahoma and New Mexico.

This is a rural area of farms and ranches.

With snow, hail, tornadoes, and dust storms, this area of Texas has more volatile weather than any other part of the state.

Picture of hikers in the Palo Dura Canyon.

But if you love small town living and wide open spaces, you will love this part of Texas.

Hikers and water enthusiasts will enjoy the many state parks, lakes and canyons found in this area.


This is the largest metropolitan area in the state. The region includes the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth.

The area is surrounded by smaller, historic towns making them favorite retiree spots for those retirees who enjoy small town life but also like the amenities of a larger city.

Picture of the Texas Ranger's baseball team in Arlington, Texas.

The area offers some of the best shopping, restaurants, art galleries, museums, theme parks, and sports teams in the United States.

Fort Worth, also known as Cowtown, is famous for its Stockyards and old West heritage.

The area is also home to the DFW airport, which is the largest airport in Texas and the second largest in the United States.

With four professional sports teams, a NASCAR track, and two PGA golf tournaments a year, it is no wonder North Texas is considered a paradise for sports enthusiasts.

Plus, if you enjoy fishing, boating and camping, some of the best Texas lakes are located in this area.


This area boasts 12 state parks and four national parks.

With towering pines and expansive lakes, it has a breath taking beauty.

Deep sea fishing in the Gulf off the Texas coast.

If you enjoy the outdoors, you can spend a day canoeing on Caddo Lake State Park or stroll through the 22 acre Municipal Rose Garden in Tyler. Later head out to Toledo Bend or Lake Fork for some of the best bass fishing in the nation.

Houston, the largest city in East Texas/Gulf coast area, is also the largest city in Texas.

Picture of Houston Texas at night.

Located about 45 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, you can sample Cajun cuisine and experience the bayou festival held yearly in "The Bayou City".

Houston is also the home of NASA and several world class medical centers.

With warm waters, beautiful beaches, plenty of sunshine and city life, what more could a retiree want?


Picture of Texas road sign.

While the Austin and San Antonio areas remain the most popular retirement regions in Texas, many retirees have discovered other towns with just as much to offer.

Below is a list of some favorite, affordable, retirement cities in Texas.

So, whether you prefer a large urban area, a coastal retreat on the Gulf, or a small town environment, there is a retirement place for you in the Lone Star State.


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