Retire in Arizona
Plenty of Sunshine and Low Taxes

Retire in Arizona and enjoy all of the state's outdoor riches.

From the cacti-dotted sand in the deserts to the snow covered mountains, Arizona is known for its diversity in all aspects of nature.

And with plenty of sunshine, low taxes, and overwhelming beauty, Arizona has long been one of the best states to retire in.


With peaceful deserts, placid lakes, shimmering rivers, and beautiful canyons, Arizona is an outdoor paradise.

From hiking, biking, rafting, and golf, there is an outdoor activity for everyone to enjoy when they retire in Arizona.

From the red rocks of Sedona, to the wine country of Sonoita, to the huge metropolitan area of Phoenix, there are so many different life styles to choose from.

Picture of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Below is some information on the different regions of Arizona that might be of interest to retirees.


This area of Arizona includes the Grand Canyon National Park, Lake Havasu City, the Kaibab National Forest, and the scenic lands of the Hualapai Nation.

The northwest area of Arizona is an outdoor paradise with swimming, hiking, hunting, camping, and golfing.

Major cities that retirees might enjoy in this area are:

Lake Havasu City

Home of the London Bridge, Lake Havasu City is a water lover's paradise.

With hundreds of miles of shoreline, sandy beaches, and sparkling water, this resort city, whose name means “Blue Water Paradise”, is a favorite city to retire in Arizona to.

The Lake Havasu area is one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Page, Arizona, looks like an old frontier town straight out of the old west. 

Near Lake Powell, Page retirees and visitors can enjoy many different water sports at nearby Lake Powell - including trophy trout fishing. Other activities to enjoy in Page are horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking.

Picture of Lake Powell.

Kingman is located in the high desert and surrounded by the Cerbat Mountains to the northeast, the Hualapais to the southeast, and the Black Mountains to the southwest.

Because of its location, Kingman has an ideal climate - not too hot and not too cold.

Billed as the "Heart of Route 66", Kingman is the gateway to Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Grand Canyon.


At first glance, Arizona' northeastern corner appears bare and featureless. The vast treeless plains and massive mountains give an impression of endless space.

Most of this area belongs to the Navajo and Hopi Reservations.

Highlights of this area include:

  • The Navajo National Monument – there are two large prehistoric cliff dwellings that you can hike to.
  • Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park – some very awe inspiring landscapes.
  • Canyon de Chelly National Monument – beautiful canyons, prehistoric cliff dwellings.
  • Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site – an authentic 19th century trading post that is still in use. It is full of Navajo rugs, kachina dolls, and old baskets.
  • Walpi – Hopi villages that you can tour.

One city that retirees might want to move to is St. Johns.

St. Johns

If you are looking for a small, friendly town in the Arizona desert, then St. Johns may be the place for you.

Centrally located in the White Mountains of Arizona, St. Johns offers a high quality of life for a community of its size.

Enjoy the spectacular vistas and wildlife in the Apache-Sitegreaves National Forest. The scenery is some of the most spectacular in the Southwest.


The Southeastern part of Arizona is mainly in the Chihuahuan Desert - except for Tucson, which is in the Sonoran Desert.

There is a variety of landscapes to enjoy from snow topped mountains to the great saguaros.

There is also, a great diversity of wildlife, including the greatest concentration of hummingbirds in the country.

The wine country in Southern Arizona is a small area that parallels the Mexican border. Here the climate and the soil conditions are perfect for growing grapes.

Some of the towns of interest for retirees are:


Bisbee is located in the Mule Canyon and enjoys a mild year-round climate. Located ninety-five miles from Tucson, Bisbee has become an artist colony and a retirement community.

The historic downtown is lined with art galleries, cafes, restaurants, antique shops and specialty shops.

Because of the weather and air quality, people enjoy biking, hiking and bird watching in Bisbee.


Tucson is one of the oldest towns in the United States. It is known for the stunning beauty that surrounds the city.

The climate in Tucson is perfect for year-round outdoor activities. Some of the activities include: hiking, horseback riding, biking, rock climbing, bird watching and even some snow skiing.


The central area of Arizona, often known as “The Valley of the Sun”, includes the Phoenix metropolitan area.

This area, which has almost 4 million people, makes up more than half of the population of Arizona. Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and Scottsdale are part of this metropolitan area.

Picture of golf course in desert area of Arizona.

The area is filled with resorts, golf courses, spas, mountains, and trails.

There is something for everyone who might choose this area to retire in.


If you are interested in a smaller community, many retirees have discovered Prescott, Arizona.

This old western town has been able to maintain a friendly, small-town feeling. It is very easy to understand why Prescott has the nickname “Everybody's Hometown.”

Why Arizona?

From small desert towns to large metropolitan areas and from beautiful lakes to spectacular golf courses, there is a perfect spot for anyone looking to retire in Arizona.



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